Eurofurence 11 (2005) - WORK PRINT - Heather Alexander

This is a low quality "work print" (or "proxy video") - the original footage has unfortunately been lost in the archives. The audio recording however has survived, and we decided to publish this version as it is - for the good memories.

This is the concert of our Guest of Honour, Heather Alexander, supported by her German session band at Eurofurence 11 in 2005. (Jaryic on the Piano, Taibu on Bass, Rajan on Guitar, The C.L.A. on Drums.) Filmed by BigBlueFox and his team.

Alec's Move

Hello All,
   I just wanted to give a quick update on Alec's move to Wisconsin.  I was fortunate enough to have been able to give Alec and Kore a place to get their animals out of the trailer for the night, and Alec sang a few songs for us, I was very grateful that he would do this.  Both Alec and Kore are a little road weary, but they are in good spirits.
   Alec even graced us with a few new songs that are soon to be released.  It was great to spend the day with them, and I know this move was difficult for both of them.  But I am glad they found a place that will be home to all of their animals and give them a place to stop and catch their breath.
  So for all of you that see this and care about Alec and Kore, please help support The Bard and his family by rounding out your collection of their albums.
May the Magic Never Die.

Their Friend in Montana
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Hacked email from Kore's address

It looks like Kore's AOL email account has been hacked (great timing, universe!). I just received a email from her account containing nothing but a suspicious link. I suggest taking extra care in making sure any email you receive from that address is actually from her and not from a spam/virus bot and not clicking any links from her until she has time to get it cleared up.

Alec has news....

As you may have seen on Facebook recently, Alec and Kore are currently in the middle of move upheaval, but are working to recover. Alec notes "If you have ordered online, and have received no shipment or contact, please understand that we are doing the best we can to get to all of your orders, but we have been moving, home hunting and animal caretaking under severe timelines and have had little time for actual professional work." Please feel free to read the rest of his message there.

ETA: Apparently one has to be friends with Alec on facebook to read the statement. Collapse )

December 14th show at The Global Bean, 8PM to 10PM

I spoke with Alec last night, and he is looking forward to the show this coming Friday. He remarked that the dirt is so ground in that he "doesn't recognize his hands", but that they are ready to go. We'll have Alec's CDs, copies of my new book, and *fingers crossed* copies of Alec's reading of my Christmas story "Raven's Silver".

Hope to see folks there!
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