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Cover Art For "Raven's Silver"

Here is Alec's cover art for my story "Raven's Silver" available at The Global Bean show on December 14th, and then online. Alec did a wonderful recording, and the art is splendid. Unfortunately, the copy does not do it complete justice.

Hope to see you on December 14th at The Global Bean!

Raven's Silver JPEG

Current Schedule?

Does our Bard have a current performance schedule?

I find myself lucky enough to be working in the Northwest for a while, and if there are appearances to while away my lonely hours up here, I definitely wish to know! :)


With the holidays fast approaching, we welcome the chance to gather together for good music and fine storytelling. Join us on December 14th for an evening of holiday cheer with our own Alexander James Adams and myself for an evening of songs and stories. I will read from my new short storyy collection, THE TWELVE WAYS OF CHRISTMAS, stories of Christmas on a space station, at the end of the world, or in a secret cloning facility in a family garage. Alec will sing up the holiday spirits.

Copies of my book will be available, and Alec will have a selection of his CDs. Even better, Alec will have copies of our first collabortion for sale! Alec recorded "Raven's Silver", a story of Christmas in the time and place before history, and it is now available in time for holiday gift giving or stocking stuffers.

Come make yourself comfortable at The Global Bean in Silverdale, Washington. They have great food, cocoa, coffees, and beers. Drop me an email at smodell1995@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!


Sandra M. Odell

OT - Attn anyone in Oklahoma

I hope folks won't mind a bit of an off-topic post, but I know Alec has a lot of SCA type fans in Oklahoma so I thought I'd pass on this plea for help here.  

A couple had their trailer full of SCA gear stolen, including a tent the wife hand-painted and made herself.  The link shows a picture of the tent and tells a few more details.  They'd appreciate people in Oklahoma keeping their eyes open for any sign of it.  Thanks.



I noticed Alec hasn't had his website updated for awhile. i moved to nyc. I would love to hear how he is doing.

xpost from Facebook

via the filk community, Alec is selling off Heather's first guitar. Here's his post from Facebook:
Off to Faerie Worlds tomorrow! For fans of the Heatherlands, check out celticougar on e-bay. She has Heather Alexander's first guitar (an accoustic S Yairi) up on auction. Tear stains and all! :)


Lucky Lab?

Any chance of Alec performing at the Lucky Lab anytime soon? Several of the people I brought last time loved the Christmas show and keep asking me when we can go again.

Fairie show

hey all - I saw on Facebook that Alexander did a show this weekend and wanted to know how it went.  The mistrel site no longer have an events calender so its hard to keep up on where he plays.   Just checking in

Heard a great song, which album is it?

I heard a song the other day on a mix CD my friend made for rituals that she had listed as 'Wind's Four Quarters" and I fell in love. It was unmistakably Heather's voice, and my friend couldn't remember where she got it from, just knows she's had it forever and that she had lost the original album awhile ago. since I have all the non out of print stuff, but unfortunately don't have any of the others, I'm assuming it's an older album. Does anyone know the name of the album? I know it's a long shot on me finding it, but I am one of those eternal optimists, and I can NEVER hear too much of our bards music.

Conflikt appearance?

Probably a bit late to ask, but will the great Aja grace conflikt with his presence? I'm going to assume not, but figured I should ask.